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David Yang

Lead Director

I'm David Yang! I started HarmonyHacks to address modern day issues we see in society. C🐮ws are awesome! 😎🤔(🐟15)

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Mathew Zheng

Sponsorship Coordinator

You'll see me at our discord, and on other discord servers Feel free to reach out to me for hackathon partnerships!

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Chloe Wang


I'm Chloe Wang, an aspiring businesswoman, passionate about much - business, robotics, arts, and trying new experiences among them.

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Gavin Wong

HH1 Sponsorship Team

Hello! My name is Gavin Wong, and I'm a student software engineer and entrepreneur. I am curious learner, and I always strive to meet new people and expand my knowledge and understanding in computer science and business.

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Shrinand Perumal

HH1 Operations Team

Shrinand here. My favorite things to do are play tennis, and just hang out. HarmonyHacks is super awesome to plan. You should come!