First alpha of Bootstrap 5

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Bootstrap v.5 - very first Alpha has arrived!

Bootstrap team has been focused on making the migration from v4 to v5 more approachable. Bootstrap no longer depends on jQuery and dropped support for Internet Explorer. Learn that & much more in the latest tutorial.

The most popular and widely used open source platform for programming in HTML, CSS and JS has just been released in version 5 alpha.

At the beginning of this week, the creator of Bootstrap @mdo declared on Github that the alpha of Bootstrap 5 will be ready in a few next days.

We didn't have to wait long, because we've got confirmation that the 5 alpha version has just landed.

This is what all Bootstrap enthusiasts have been waiting for over the last two years!

Changes in Bootstrap 5 alpha

What changes bring a new, fifth version of Bootstrap?

As Bootstrap announced on its blog, the most important changes introduced with this version that make their tool more future-friendly is that Bootstrap 5 alpha is no longer dependent on jQuery, and Internet Explorer support has been completely abandoned.

  • dropping jQuery as a dependency means that projects built on Bootstrap 5 will be much lighter in terms of file size and page load
  • resignation from Internet Explorer browser support allows using CSS custom properties

Of the significant changes that have been rolled out with this alpha are:

  • new utilities API
  • redesigned docs
  • improved grid
  • redesigned forms
  • & brand new logo
This is the first of two planned alpha releases, for the next one will have to wait a few weeks, up to a month. From now to the beta version we can expect breaking changes to occur.

What's coming next?

In future alpha Bootstrap announced RTL, off-canvas, Sass module system, increased usage of CSS custom properties, embedding SVGs in HTML instead of CSS, and more.

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