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There are two ways to do it:

  1. You can download the zip package and import your own components inside this app.

  2. You can import the MDB React package to your own React app (CRA).

You can find installation steps for both options here.

Sure there is! You will need an account at our git server (if are PRO user and don't have one please contact us via Once you have an account just simply follow our 5 min quick start.

Currently MDB doesn't support RTL. This is due to the fact that Bootstrap doesn't support RTL itself.

If you see the following warnings, do not worry about them. This is not the fault of MDB itself, it is the fault of Bootstrap. Warnings indicate that certain features are marked as outdated and will be deleted in Bootstrap 5.

                        WARNING: The `text-hide()` mixin has been deprecated as of v4.1.0. It will be removed entirely in v5.
                        on line 10 of scss/bootstrap/mixins/_text-hide.scss, in mixin `text-hide`
                        from line 57 of scss/bootstrap/utilities/_text.scss
                        from line 14 of scss/bootstrap/_utilities.scss
                        from line 41 of stdin

This is common problem for our users. In case you need to use some Bootstrap's Mixins in your components, please check this link: How to use media breakpoints

After purchase, our system automatically creates an account for you on our git server. Te system will is generate an activation email and send it to you via email. Please make sure to check your spam folder. In case you haven’t received it within an hour for placing the order – please contact our support team at

It's super easy to achieve. The whole process of creating a brand new skin is described in our Skins documentation !

Once you buy a MDB product e.g. MDB 4 Pro, all of the updates for this product, along with Premium Support are free for a year. After this period your license is still valid and you can build projects with the most recent version of MDB in your account. Nevertheless, if you'd like to use Premium Support and the features from later updates you'd have to extend your license.

Couldn't find an answer to your question? Please visit the support forum or contact us at