React Animations

React Animations - Bootstrap 4 & Material Design

React Bootstrap animations are illusions of motions for web elements. +70 animations generated by CSS only, work properly on every browser.

Note: This documentation is for an older version of Bootstrap (v.4). A newer version is available for Bootstrap 5. We recommend migrating to the latest version of our product - Material Design for Bootstrap 5.
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Basic usage

Using our animation is simple. Wrap the content you want to animate into the Animation component and specify its type. Check out the API section for more advanced options!

                        import React from "react";
                        import { MDBAnimation } from "mdbreact";

                        const AnimationPage = () => {
                            return (
                                <MDBAnimation type="bounce" infinite>
                                    <img className="img-fluid" alt="" src="" />

                        export default AnimationPage;

React Animations - API

In this section you will find advanced information about the Animation component. You will find out which modules are required, what are the possibilities of configuring the component, and what events and methods you can use in working with it.

Animation import statement

In order to use Animation component make sure you have imported proper module first.

          import { MDBAnimation } from "mdbreact";

API Reference: Animation Properties

The table below shows the configuration options of the MDBAnimation component.

Name Type Default Description Example
className String Adds custom classes <MDBAutocomplete className="myClass" />
type String The props defines the kind of animation desired <MDBAnimation type="bounce" />
count Number 1 The number of iterations the animation should have <MDBAnimation count={4} />
duration String 1s Defines the speed of animation, takes a string consisting of a number and a unit indicator (s/ms) <MDBAnimation duration="5s" />
delay String 0 Sets the amount of time that should pass before the initial iteration of animation, takes a string consisting of a number and a unit indicator (s/ms) <MDBAnimation delay="5s" />
infinite Bolean false Makes an animation go for eternity. Note: it overwrites the count prop <MDBAnimation infinite />
reveal Bolean false Setting this option makes the component postpone the animation untill the viewport reaches it's relative position <MDBAnimation reveal />

API Reference: Animation Methods

We can fire events on arbitrary stages of animation. The props below take in functions that resolve whenever the related stage is reached.

Name Parameters Description Example
onAnimationStart Fires once an animation starts <MDBAnimation onAnimationStart={this.handleStart} >
onAnimationIteration Function gets executed every time an animation happens. To have things happening only on particular iterations (say, every time for the first five times and then every fith one), it is enough to create a variable being incremented within a function and define a simple if statement to see, whether the ongoing iteration number fullfills the requirement (like if (count < 6 || count % 5 == 0){yourFunction}) <MDBAnimation onAnimationIteration={this.yourFunction} >
onAnimationEnd Function shall take place after the final iteration of an animation <MDBAnimation onAnimationStart={this.onAnimationEnd} >

Using the Animation component means having over seventy ready-to-use animation types. They are inputted as strings into the type prop.

Full list of animations:

  1. flash
  2. bounce
  3. pulse
  4. rubberBand
  5. shake
  6. headShake
  7. swing
  8. tada
  9. wobble
  10. jello
  11. bounceIn
  12. bounceInDown
  13. bounceInLeft
  14. bounceInRight
  15. bounceInUp
  16. bounceOut
  17. bounceOutDown
  18. bounceOutLeft
  19. bounceOutRight
  20. bounceOutUp
  21. fadeIn
  22. fadeInDown
  23. fadeInDownBig
  24. fadeInLeft
  25. fadeInLeftBig
  26. fadeInRight
  27. fadeInRightBig
  28. fadeInUp
  29. fadeInUpBig
  30. fadeOut
  31. fadeOutDown
  32. fadeOutDownBig
  33. fadeOutLeft
  34. fadeOutLeftBig
  35. fadeOutRight
  36. fadeOutRightBig
  37. fadeOutUp
  38. fadeOutUpBig
  39. flipInX
  40. flipInY
  41. flipOutX
  42. flipOutY
  43. lightSpeedIn
  44. lightSpeedOut
  45. rotateIn
  46. rotateInDownLeft
  47. rotateInDownRight
  48. rotateInUpLeft
  49. rotateInUpRight
  50. rotateOut
  51. rotateOutDownLeft
  52. rotateOutDownRight
  53. rotateOutUpLeft
  54. rotateOutUpRight
  55. hinge
  56. rollIn
  57. rollOut
  58. zoomIn
  59. zoomInDown
  60. zoomInLeft
  61. zoomInRight
  62. zoomInUp
  63. zoomOut
  64. zoomOutDown
  65. zoomOutLeft
  66. zoomOutRight
  67. zoomOutUp
  68. slideInDown
  69. slideInLeft
  70. slideInRight
  71. slideInUp
  72. slideOutDown
  73. slideOutLeft
  74. slideOutRight
  75. slideOutUp

Animation creator

Select an animation type

Iteration count:
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Reveal animations when scrolling

Thanks to MDB you can easily launch an animation on page scroll. It is just as easy as adding the reveal prop to the Animation component!

                        import React from "react";
                        import { MDBAnimation } from "mdbreact";

                        const AnimationPage = () => {
                            return (
                                    <MDBAnimation reveal type="bounceInUp">
                                        <img alt="A view on mountains." className="img-fluid" src="" />
                                    <MDBAnimation reveal type="tada">
                                        <img alt="Cottage on a lake surrounded by mountains." className="img-fluid" src="" />
                                    <MDBAnimation reveal type="fadeInLeft">
                                        <img alt="A boat floating on an ocean" className="img-fluid" src="" />

                                    <MDBAnimation reveal type="fadeInRight">
                                        <img alt="View on mountains from mountain top." className="img-fluid" src="" />
                                    <MDBAnimation reveal type="fadeInRight">
                                        <img alt="Rocky shore in the morning." className="img-fluid" src="" />
                                    <MDBAnimation reveal type="fadeInUp">
                                        <img alt="Rocky shore in the morning." className="img-fluid" src="" />

                        export default AnimationPage;