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Top reviews
Henry Martin

React Plugins are one of my favorite things here and I can’t imagine not working with them. My clients appreciate the change I have made with MDB.

Beverly Garza

Fantastic! I have been a user for a very long time and the tool has made fantastic progress. The number of components is overwhelming, and their use is effortless. Thank you MDB

Carmelo Mccutcheon

I have made great progress thanks to this UI kit. I copied most of the code from the examples on MDB onto the website and didn’t even have to play around with major changes because everything fit perfectly.

Latest reviews
Iisa Hannele

I switched to MDB React from another tool and I must say it was the right decision. Previously, I missed many components, such as alerts, time picker or simply cards, now I have them all in one place

Ramla Aliya

A variety of controls included covering almost all the requirements of a modern web application

Ed Pierce

I am overall satisfied with the code quality of the React library

Claudio Cobbs

If you don’t even know React, it’s okay because it’s really easy to use and you have lots of tutorials to help you with everything.

Tony Davidson

I enjoy using your documentation. The ability to edit a component in a snippet before spun into a project is a very convenient feature

Ambrosi Ilham

The new MDB 5 React is a completely new quality that cannot be ignored. I am delighted with the components it offers and I will use them as long as I would need

Eduardo Hudson

You seriously put this number of content for this price? That’s just amazing guys 🙂

Jill Taylor

Good framework, well-written documentation, and helpful support – all I need.

Vicky Black

Thanks to you I’m currenty developing a blog. Your blog sections & cards helped me work a lot.

Emma Taylor

Excellent, clean interface. My client is glad that I chose your UI Kit