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MDB 5 - Bootstrap 5 & Material Design 2.0

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Top reviews
Henry Martin

React Plugins are one of my favorite things here and I can’t imagine not working with them. My clients appreciate the change I have made with MDB.

Beverly Garza

Fantastic! I have been a user for a very long time and the tool has made fantastic progress. The number of components is overwhelming, and their use is effortless. Thank you MDB

Carmelo Mccutcheon

I have made great progress thanks to this UI kit. I copied most of the code from the examples on MDB onto the website and didn’t even have to play around with major changes because everything fit perfectly.

Latest reviews
Ruben Porter

An amazing framework that will only get better. Can’t wait for Bootstrap 5 version

Erick Kim

Your kit helped me a lot and saved my time

Catherine Gray

Forms & modals are great and I love the guys on support

Pete Casey

Thanks a lot MDB Team for your excellent work.

Milton Figueroa

As far as I am concerned everything seems to be fine, I am satisfied 😉 Thanks

Harold Park

Material Design + Bootstrap? It must have come out great. Superb job MDB team

Mattie Silva

I’ve been using another design before. However, it has very limited UI components. Now I can add more decent UI to my project by using MDB. Thanks a lot from the Philippines 🙂

Clara Mcbride

I’m using MDB to build some websites, and I really loved it

Arron Russ

I appreciate the support you offer for your clients, I am capable of working with your templates without any issues

Faye Ellis

You’re doing it good job MDB. All those colors, shapes, shadows, just perfect ^.^