Bootstrap 5 & React

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React integration with Bootstrap 5

React Bootstrap 5 - upcoming integration of one of the most widely used combination of front-end tools.

Bootstrap 5 is just recently released version of Bootstrap, the world’s most popular front-end component library to build responsive, mobile-first projects on the web, which offers a convenient development environment that facilitates the creation of complex and efficient web applications. Bootstrap and React combined are widely used for front-end development. The integration of Bootstrap with React offers an unlimited number of possibilities when working on web application projects.

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Material Design for Bootstrap 5 with React

When should we expect release of React version that include Bootstrap 5?

A stable version of Bootstrap has not yet been released, and we have a few alpha releases ahead of us which will be released until the first beta is released. Our team is currently working on the standard version and at the moment we can expect the free React Bootstrap 5 version at the end of 2020.

Download MDB5 standard

Download MDB 5 MDB 5 documentation

React Bootstrap 5 tutorial

Learning React Bootstrap 5

The new version, most likely won't demand a huge effort to adapt. You'll find the React tutorial under this link when it's out. You can also join the newsletter above and we'll notify you when the documentation and tutorials are released.