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MDB React - Frequently Asked Questions

There are 2 ways to do it:

  1. You can download zip package and import Your own components inside this app.
  2. You can import MDB React package to Your own React app (CRA).

You can find installation steps for both options here.

If You get an access to the gitlab repository, You’ll be able to add MDB React Pro to Your package.json’s dependencies like this:
"mdbreact": "git+"

This solution works with apps created via CRA so You don’t have to use MDB React Pro as a base for Your project

You can find installation steps here.

Sometimes React is updating to a new version after MDB React package was released. It can cause error of multiple copies of React. In that situation please check React version in our package and use the same version in Your app.

The console output suggests it is an issue usually caused by referring a resource that is not there. Depending on MDB React version, it could be caused by applying a PRO Component (which of both Select and Sidenav are) within a MDB free version repository. If that’s the case, please consider an update.

Are You sure that You’ve added all dependencies and imported our css file to Your project? Here are some tips.

Once you buy MDB product e.g. MDB 4 Pro, all updates for this product, along with Premium Support are free for a year. After this period your license is still valid and you can build projects with the most recent version of MDB in your account. Nevertheless, if you'd like to use Premium Support and the features from next updates you'd have to prolong your license.