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MDB 5 - Bootstrap 5 & Material Design 2.0

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Top reviews
Pedro Cohen

MDB plugins are my #1 tool. I personally don’t like building front-end and nothing speeds up this part of development more than your simple & high-quality solutions. Kudos MDB Team!

Gerard Sanderson

Design is stunning. Charts look just beautiful. But what’s more important they work as they should. Usage is simple and fast. Plenty of practical examples make the work a pure pleasure.

Adele Parker

Beautiful, minimalist design and simplicity – this is something that every project definitely needs.
Great documentation focused on practical solutions.

Eliana Levine

There are many bootstrap templates, but it’s the first time I experienced a bootstrap UI KIT in the form of the real framework. I love the overall feel and use. It made data visualization extremely easy and let me focus on my business logic, instead of spending hours searching how to make something work. In MDB 5 everything works just out of the box.

Simon Puckett

Probably the only product so well adapted to material design and bootstrap projects.
Simple to use and extremely intuitive.
I hope it will become a new standard among UI Kits

Karim Hodgson

After experience with countless UI Kits, I was convinced that I would never come across a really user-friendly and programmer-friendly product.
But I was wrong – MDB 5 Pro is the essence of simplicity and pragmatism, meeting the real needs of web dev industry.

Akash Hogan

Perfect for both programmers and designers.
It is great for prototyping and also creating production-ready solutions on an enterprise scale.

Latest reviews
Jeanne Tate

It’s excellent, I’m using it for all my projects so far and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to change

Will Keith

Easy to use UI, great features. For a long time I was looking for something like that, thanks guys

David Gonzales

I love the amount of ready-to-use components such as forms, panels, alerts, tabs!

Paula Williams

Great solution for the minimum time to start a project, rather than design which takes more hard work and time.

Vivaan Bagchi

Components already come with a really great style that greatly facilitates the design of my website. I’d even give a six :]

Richard Bradley

I’m new to web design and I had a couple of difficulties but the support team was quick to answer and helped me with my customization.

Mike Ryan

Thanks for making my job easy.

Charlie Klein

My clients love the design. Building web apps is pure fun, when I don’t have to think about styling. Thanks MDB!

Alberto Love

Minimalist design & high code quality. Nothing more needs to be said 😉 I love it

Tammy Jacobs

We’ve used MDB5 in our internal application and it was a pleasure. Components are well though, documentation as clear as it can be and customization is easy. Hope to see more plugins soon.