What is Angular?

Author: Dawid Adach

Before you begin

While reading this tutorial some of the things might be unclear or seem to be complex. That’s normal for beginners. Don't feel bad about that and just follow the tutorial. Most probably once you execute the steps yourself, everything will become clear. If you then still have some questions — please do not hesitate to ask question in our support platform.

What is Angular (actually)?

Angular is a framework for building client applications in HTML,CSS and JavaScript/TypeScript.

In fact, TypeScript is definitely more common within the Angular environment. Why? I will explain that in further lessons. If you have never worked with or even heard of TypeScript before? Don't worry! That tutorial is for you. I will explain to you what it is about using numerous examples and sample codes.

Angular & Typescript logos

Why do we need Angular?

Many people ask me - why do we need all these frameworks like Angular, Vue or React (which in fact is not a "framework" but that will be subject of another tutorial). Isn't old plain JS or jQuery sufficient?

I always answer Yes it is. Technically you can build almost any application using plain JS or libraries like jQuery, however, if you ever attempted to build a more complex application consisting of multiple modules and thousands line of code you probably already know that maintaining that code is a nightmare. Very often our code is not reusable therefore we have to copy and paste very similar pieces of code multiple times.

As our application gets more complex, JavaScirpt code is getting harder to maintain. We need a way to structure our code. Another important part which we cannot forget is tests of our application. As projects get bigger their testing becomes crucial for stability. That's why in recent years frameworks like Vue or Angular have been created — to make developers life easier.

Benefits of using Angular:

Although summarizing all benefits of using Angular would probably take a few A4 pages, let me provide you a summary of the best features. For now, you have to trust me but once you work through the tutorial, you will quickly agree:

  • Increases code reusability
  • Provides structure to JavaScript
  • Makes an application more testable
  • Gives our application a clean structure
  • Modular development
  • Two-way data-binding
  • Great for SPA (Single-Page Applications)

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