Angular Progressive Web App Tutorial


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Angular Progressive Web App Tutorial

Today you will learn how to create your first Progressive Web App based on Angular 6 and MDB Angular!

Progressive Web Apps combine the convenience and functionality of native mobile applications with the simplicity of creating and managing web applications. Progressive Web App or PWA for short is simply a web app that behaves like a normal web app on a desktop and like a native app on mobile devices. So you can use it with Push Notifications, without an Internet connection, and much more!

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What will I learn?

  1. How to build a Progressive Web App
  2. How to implement update-check mechanism
  3. How to publish application in Firebase Hosting

After completing this guide you should have a basic knowledge of how PWA works, what Service Workers are and how to publish an application on Firebase Hosting.

See how the application we will build together looks like! Live Example

You can also download the complete app!


You should have the following environments / packages installed.

  • Angular 6 with Angular CLI 6
  • NodeJS,
  • The firebase-tools npm package,
  • The http-server npm package.

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