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Free Bootstrap Templates & Themes

Built with the newest Bootstrap 4. Free for personal and commercial use.

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Half Carousel Template

Enhance your front page with image carousel and present additional content below it thanks to Material Design for Bootstrap half page carousel giving it both modern look and information value.

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Basic Landing Page

It tends to be simple, clean and informative. A basic landing page is nothing more than a quick presentation of your platform with a pure purpose of getting your visitors attention and guiding them further.

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Full Page Image Carousel

Full Background Carousel Template is a full page image background slider built using the Material Design for Bootstrap carousel. You can use this template to create one page portfolio sites, and much more.

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Full Page Video Carousel

Why would you limit your carousel to static photos only? Now with new video carousel, you can embed video as easy as pictures.

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Three Columns Listing

Showcase a larger group of content with a brief description in an eye-pleasant way in a form of three column page grid.

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Two Columns Listing

Fully responsive and mobile friendly two column layout containing multiple cards with a proper headline and a brief description.

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One Column Listing

A one column list is a most informative and comprehensible form of presenting your content to the users of yours. Keep it clean and simple by listing your articles one by one with a longer description.

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Jumbotron with Features Template

Its name speaks for itself. A large and eye-catching, yet minimalistic form of design perfect for focusing your user’s attention on most important features by providing them pithy texts and CTA’s.

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Blog Homepage Template

Distinct your blog from the others by creating it in a spirit of Material Design and give it this enchanted and functional form by using this Blog Homepage Template.

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Ecommerce Product Page Template

Ecommerce Product Page Template is a fully customizable and suitable for e-commerce websites of any purpose.

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Ecommerce Homepage Template

Construct your ecommerce platform and expose your best products in a more pithy way with E-commerce Homepage Template.

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Corporate Style Template

Corporate Style Template is a clean and elegant theme suitable for displaying your product, app, business or service.

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Full Background Image Template

Entertain your users and give your homepage more emotional weight by using this minimalistic Full Background Image Template.

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Food Order Homepage

Food order homepage is fully customized template designed exclusively for restaurants and businesses related to the industry. The intuitive interface will guide your visitors progressively through the ordering process.

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