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Once we have created our Full Page Image Carousel using this tutorial we can move on to more interesting and complicated compositions using MDB and WP. This time we will create a website where posts will be displayed in 2 forms. As a half-carousel in top part of the site as well as cards in the bottom. You can check final result here

As a baseline we will use slightly adjusted code from previous tutorial which includes Navbar, Footer, Single post page and Widgets. If you want to know how to create them from scratch I suggest to follow previous tutorials. To start with, download following theme and place it under wp-content/themes directory.

Once you install and activate theme, your main page should have contains only navbar and footer and look like this:

Baseline code

Now we are ready to start adjusting our theme and create new features

If something doesn’t work as expected, you can download a final code for this lesson here:

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