Vue Bootstrap MobileMDB Pro component

Vue Mobile - Bootstrap 4 & Material Design

Vue Bootstrap mobile gestures are touch-based interactions with mobile devices. Various of different fingers movements indicate particular components responses.

MDB provides you support for most common touch gestures.

Pan gesture
Rotate gesture
Press gesture
Tap gesture
Swipe gesture
Pinch gesture

Carousel with gestures support

Mobile - Material Design for Bootstrap

Click on the button below to launch a live example and see the Carousel with a gestures support in action.

Live preview

To make it work, use the prop touch together with one of MDB carousel components.

            <mdb-carousel :interval="false" touch showIndicators>
              <mdb-carousel-item img src="" mask="black-light" alt="First slide" />
              <mdb-carousel-item img src="" mask="black-strong" alt="Second slide" />
              <mdb-carousel-item img src="" mask="black-slight" alt="Third slide" />

          import { mdbCarousel, mdbCarouselItem, mdbContainer } from 'mdbvue';
          export default {
            name: 'MobilePage',
            components: {

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