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There is nothing more beautiful and amazing than Italy. Really. These views, people, pastas, pizzas, designers and first of all atmosphere. When I'm in Italy I'm smiling all the time.



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Oh, New York, New York! The city of my life. I think most of us would like live and work in NY. As a businessman, artist, fashion designer or like Carrie Bradshaw as a top journalist.


The best articles and reports, the latest news, useful tips and the most beautiful photos and videos you'll find here. Join us and enjoy traveling around the world.



Discover unique mountain world.

There is many of breathtaking places in the world. For me mountains are the best of them. Travelling in the mountains can be difficult but views of the nature are worth it.

Culture & Hobby

Passion is everything, we know how important it is in our lives. You can find a lot of interesting articles and tips on photography, film, cooking and many other fields. In addition, we inform about the latest exhibitions and cultural events.



Summer music festivals in Europe.

We want to present you top 5 summer music festivals take place in different countries in Europe. One of them is A Summer’s Tale, Germany, then Weather Festival, France.

Lifestyle & Celebrities

Health, style, sport or anything from lifestyle. We will inform you about new trends in fashion, healthy nutrition and about what happened in the world of celebrities.