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MDB News

Discover the latest news about Bootstrap, Material Design and MDB projects. Keep track on MDB jQuery, Angular, React and Vue latest updates and helpful tutorials. Explore the best source of information about BrandFlow - Bootstrap automation software. Website trusted by more than 500 000 web developers and designers. Enjoy!

New licenses!

Not only layout on MDB is changing! We just modified our licenses to fit the needs of smaller teams! Now MDB products are available in more options adjusted to our customers.

We provide following options:

Individual licenses:

  • 1 person & one project license
  • 1 person & unlimited projects license

Team licenses:

  • 1-3 people & unlimited projects license
  • 4-6 people & unlimited projects license
  • 7-9 people & unlimited projects license
  • 10-15 people & unlimited projects license
  • 15+ people & unlimited projects license

Explore our website to check out new layout and new licenses.


MDB React Update - version 4.4.0

React version is now integrated with MDB 4.5.2! We added 11 completely new sections, full of components that you can use in your projects, starting now! We also fixed reported bugs and improved some components in use!

Full Changelog

MDB Angular Update - version 6.1.1

We just released MDB Angular Update - version 6.1.1

In 6.1.1 we have made it possible to import only those modules that you actually use in your application. If only individual modules are used, import them but do not import the MDBBootstrapModulesPro main module as this may cause errors. You may need to rename the modules you are using in your application. Read changelog below and check out the full list of modules.

Full Changelog

MDB jQuery Update - version 4.5.3

In this update, besides integrating with the latest jQuery 3.3.1, we focused mainly on fixing reported bugs including issues with inputs and modals. We also added new animation and changed few syntaxes. You can download the new version of MDB Free on our website and for MDB Pro from your account.

Full Changelog

Webpack Tutorial

Learn in simple steps how to get setup with MDB together with Webpack. Applicable for both Pro and Free users. Webpack is one of the most popular JavaScript Build Tools in the world. It's an Open Source module bundler which can save a tone of time and effort in your project development process. Improve your workflow and develop your skills with MDB!

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MDB Vue Update - version 4.2.0

MDB Vue version development is currently our main focus. The goal is to provide all components and functionalities available in MDB jQuery, further releases will cover those elements for Vue. We're dedicated to releasing free updates, as soon as possible bringing better quality for our users, version 4.2.0 is one of the first steps.

Full Changelog Update

20% discount on any MDB UI Kit

Only now you can use pushmdb4pro cupon code to get 20% discount on MDB jQuery, Angular, React and Vue Pro UI Kits.

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30% discount for students!

👨‍🎓Graduation 👩‍🎓right around the corner. MDB is celebrating with you! We prepared 30% discount for all students. Build your websites and build your future with MDB! Congratulations!

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Web Analytics Tutorial – the most comprehensive and free guide

Web Analytics will allow you understand the web usage, provide you with insights which of your website’s areas need improvement and answer questions you didn’t even ask in the first place. Apart from the methodology and useful hacks, you will learn how to use powerful tools like Google Analytics and BrandFlow.

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Our GitHub repository is growing wildly!

We're proud and thankful for our Open Source community. By leaving feedback, GitHub stars and improvement ideas everyone is participating in the success of our MDB Free UI Kit repository which is currently generating up to 2000 views every day!

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