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Angular Update 6.1.5 + Hotfix 6.1.6

Latest update based on improvements added to set first active slide in Carousel functionality and class which allows to auto resize when would not fit into it.

Changes in syntax include cascading cards, classic tabs, e-commerce sections and more.

We fixed most of the reported issues: problem with resetting state of validation in forms same as issues which occur on mobiles.

Important message: Hotfix 6.1.6 solves the unexpected issue that causes a browser to freeze after blur input with validation. Anyone who has encountered this error in version 6.1.5 should update to 6.1.6

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Angular Tutorial by MDB

Angular Tutorial by MDB - currently one of the most popular angular tutorials on the web!

We'll guide step by step into creating your own Angular app. It's easier than you would expect!

Technologies you will use along with this course will make you little dizziness, so many used right here

  • NPM
  • TypeScript
  • RWD
  • Angular CLI
  • ...and much more

You'll learn all these technologies from basic concepts to all needed functionalities to create you Angular Bootstrap app. Take the first step right here:

Check it out

Vue huge update 4.4.0

Read more about really huge update of MDB Vue where we added 7 new sections like forms, panels, autocomplete, flipping cards and more. No that's not all, We also changed syntaxes and improved: blog section, cascading cards, classic tabs, e-commerce components, footers, and product section.

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MDB jQuery Update 4.5.6

In MDB we're dedicated to jQuery update brought changes in syntax including intros, contact forms and more. Main fixes concerned: alignment in the blockquotes, inputs (with success and error labels), navbar color in the intros, bugs with date-picker and z-index in tabs.

We also added completely new components and styles like custom Bootstrap form validation and interminate checkbox.

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Changes in BrandFlow

Brandflow Bootstrap Automation has been changing dynamically in recent weeks. Check out what's new:

1. General

  • Duplicating has been fixed and added everywhere so you can duplicate every item on each listing view.
  • Click class condition has been fixed. When element has more classes, each class is checked separately instead of all classes as one string.

2. Fixed bugs

  • Editing container does not work and Invalid container name error is showing.
  • The Change factor on performance views is showing wrong values.
  • Styles in live preview aren't working.
  • Trigger chips list is displayed vertically on Scoring, Labels and Events list views.
  • Pagination disappears after adding a couple of conditions on Automation/Conditions view.
  • Validation on Param is too strict when creating new condition.
  • Triggers limit error appears to early.
  • You cannot activate a container when someone adds you to it.
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