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MDB Plugins are created and designed with the purpose of extending the possibilities and power of MDB UI Kits. Although plugins work best with corresponding MDB tools (MDB Templates, MDB Pro) they can also be used on standalone basis.

Bootstrap Color Picker plugin allows you to select different colors. You can successfully use it in various product wizards, clothing sales, or other situations where you need to be able to choose a color.

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Main features:

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Material Design by Google

Similar design quality to the one offered by Google's tools gives you a clear view of your data.

Insightful layout

The intuitive and informative style is a key to better understanding your aggregated data.

Clean categorization

Each piece of information is connected with the corresponding category for even better clarity.

HTML, CSS, SASS, JS and JS Modules files

All kind of files you need to develop a great project.

...and even more:

Cross-browser compatibility

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge - MDB loves all modern browsers.

Frequent updates

With the ever-changing world of web design, be assured that your template will always be up-to-date.

Latest Vue

MDB plugins are integrated with the latest Vue version. Therefore you can use all the newest features which come along with it.

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