Product Reviews: Angular Bootstrap Pro

Angular Bootstrap PRO is a powerful Material Design UI KIT. It’s built with Angular 2, Bootstrap 4 and TypeScript and absolutely no jQuery. At your disposal are 900+ handcrafted angular components and the full power of Bootstrap CSS.

· 4.9/5 (97 Reviews)

Angular is being more and more popular those days. It's a great news that you've finally make an Angular version of MDB. I've used free version and so far it looks great.

I was waiting for this and so far you've not disappointed me. Good job!

Nicely done

Amazing work, can't wait for beta

Guys, this angular version will make you rich, that's for sure anonymous

Why didn't you create MDB on Angular at first? This is way better than jQuery

I didn't thought I would say this but this is actually really good

It looks amazing <3<3