Product Reviews: React Bootstrap Pro

React Bootstrap PRO is a powerful Material Design UI KIT. Based on the latest Bootstrap 4 and React 15.6.1. Absolutely no jQuery.

· 4.9/5 (27 Reviews)

After working with that pack for a while I can say only one thing - I just can't wait for the Pro version

It is so easy and quick to implement, good job guys

I still haven't found any bug, that may be your best product!

This is exactly what i have been waiting for!!

Its great for me becaude there is no jQuery

I think it's quite good

MDB React is the first kit I try and must say I really like it, I'll try different ones in the future

MDB team, you did a great job here, can't wait to see the vue

It's the best free version of UI kit you provide!

The results are overwhelming