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Dashboard redesign

Client sp z o.o.


Automotive industry




  • Custom Web Development

Product Type

  • Custom Websites


  • Frontend Development

Project: Redesign

The project involved modernizing an automotive dashboard to enhance user experience, security, and industry compliance.

Key Features

  • Tech Agnostic: Works with any technology
  • Secure: Protected against breaches
  • HTML/CSS/JS: Uses standard web languages
  • Security Standards: Meets industry norms
  • New Tech: Integrates latest advancements

Technology Stack

  • React.js


The partnership between the automotive company and the development team lasted for three months, showing significant progress in modernizing the product dashboard. The newly redesigned dashboard is not only visually appealing but also enriched with new functionalities, making it more efficient and user-friendly. The client, Wojciech Jaworski, expressed satisfaction with the rapid and efficient work of the developer assigned to their project, highlighting the successful implementation of new views and the improvement of the existing code.

The cooperation is ongoing, and both parties look forward to continuing their partnership, anticipating further advancements and improvements in the future. The project stands as a testament to how custom web development and effective collaboration can lead to the successful modernization of a product, driving forward the digital transformation in the automotive industry.

Customer Testimonails

Our existing product dashboard was in need of a design refresh and modernization. Additionally, we required a React developer to code the new designs, introduce new functionalities, and refactor some parts of the code.

We quickly began by designing several variants of the new design, after which we selected the most suitable one and moved on to designing the rest of the views and implementing them in React. The developer assigned to our project has been working very efficiently, rapidly implementing new views while improving the existing code.

We have been collaborating for about 3 months, and the cooperation has been going very well. We are looking forward to continuing this partnership and anticipate many more months of working together.

Wojciech Jaworski sp z o.o.

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