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  • Responsive Design
  • Web Application Development

Product Type

  • Custom Websites


  • Frontend Development


Our Spanish client needed a partner capable of converting their innovative ideas into functional, responsive web pages. They required expertise in UI/UX design, specifically using Figma for design and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for development. Their main goal was to achieve optimal visual presentation across various devices while adhering to their design specifications.

Key Features

  • Fully Responsive Web Pages: Ensuring optimal visual presentation across a wide range of devices
  • Dynamic and Interactive User Experience: Leveraging HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to bring the web pages to life
  • Implementation of the Figma template to ensure consistency and adherence to the client's design specifications
  • Efficient Development Process: The adoption of Tailwind CSS and Flowbite significantly improved code efficiency and development pace

Technology Stack

  • Tailwind CSS: For efficient styling and ensuring responsive design
  • Figma: For UI/UX design and layout planning
  • Flowbite: To supplement Tailwind CSS and expedite the development process


The collaborative efforts led to the development of static web pages that perfectly mirror the Figma templates. Through the use of Tailwind CSS and the support of Flowbite, the project not only achieved but exceeded the initial responsiveness and design fidelity goals.

I was in need of experts in designing UI views in Figma and coding them into HTML/CSS/JS. With many ideas for my project, MDBS helped me select the right one and then assisted in bringing it to life.

MDBS designed excellent layout proposals for my system. We went through numerous rounds of feedback and ultimately chose the variant that best suited our needs. Following this, we moved on to the implementation and coding of the views from Figma.

Our collaboration has been going very well; we have been in touch for over a year and a half and continue to work together on multiple fronts.

Enrique Alonso

ArthroCentre Sarl

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