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Account registration is messy

MDB SupportAccount registration is messy
MoodyCloud asked 1 year ago

When I tried to register to get my free version, I hit enter before entering any password (but I entered a name), I got the error, when I retried, the name I used got taken, (even tho I had an error registrating)..it appears that your server saves names/emails eventho registration was unsuccessful.
I retried with another email and I intentionally made an error by entering two different passwords and I was surprised I got a registration successful!

I thought it might help you to know that, otherwise guys I’m a young man beginning my web development journey, and I’m willing to learn more from your tutorials but could you guys send me your pro version if you think the info I provided was useful I’d appreciate it I got no money in fact I’m learning this to get money lol! have a good one.

3 Answers
Dawid Adach Pro User answered 1 year ago


thanks for letting us know. We will take care of it.

DANY Pro User answered 2 months ago

You can download the new version of MDB Free on our website and for MDB Pro from your account page.

in the account page Only version MDB_Pro_4.4.0.zip is available for download not 4.4.4

Dawid Adach Pro User answered 2 months ago

DANY , 4.4.0 is the latest version, not 4.4.4 🙂