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promotec Pro User asked 2 weeks ago, version:1.0

Hi there,i try to use Alerts whit c# webform, but i dont understand how its works, is there a more dummy example like an html? i guess dont need to use that thing calling Toast. just the alerts calling from codebehind, any example? Ps: Thanks! and sorry my bad english

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Anna Morawska answered 1 week ago


thank you for your more detailed explanation.
If you want to trigger bootstrap alert, please check out this documentation.
I’ve also created for you a small demonstration in jsfiddle, check it out here LINK
As you see, bootsrap alerts are visible by default. If you want for example to trigger it by clicking a button, you have to write some css first.
Is this resolve your problem?

Anna Morawska replied 7 days ago

You are welcome, good luck 🙂

promotec Pro User replied 1 week ago

Thanks a lot for your response, isn´t exactly what i need but i can start from here.

Anna Morawska answered 2 weeks ago

Hello promotec,
could you clarify what exactly you want to do? If you need just a simple alert, check out this example.
Let me know if this solves your problem.

promotec Pro User replied 2 weeks ago

Yes, looks like its confuse, what i need is: where's the simple way to call alerts like boostrap?
<pre><div class="alert alert-success">
  <strong>Success!</strong> Indicates a successful or positive action.