Angular mdb-sidenav "simple link" not working

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andrews88l Pro User asked 7 months ago in MDB pro, version:5

Using your provided example for a Side Nav with Double Navigation and Fixed Navbar (, it lists a “simple link” can be created by giving the parent MDB Item a .no-collapse class like so: <mdb-item class=”no-collapse”>.

This does not actually do anything; it still creates like a standard accordion sidenav section. How can I fix this? Looking at the source code, it appears the down chevron is placed in the mdb-item component no matter what…



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Damian Gemza answered 6 months ago

Hello andrews88l,

Are you sure that you’re doing everything right? I tried to repeat your’s problem but for me everything is working fine.

For simple, no collapsing link you have to add code like below:

<!-- Simple link -->


<mdb-item-headmdbRippleRadius><iclass="fa fa-hand-pointer-o"></i> Simple link</mdb-item-head>


to element:
<ulclass="collapsible collapsible-accordion">
If you do it well, it will works fine.
Best Regards,