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Bootstrap 4 Alpha 6 has landed

MDB SupportBootstrap 4 Alpha 6 has landed
Sebastian C Pro User asked 10 months ago

Blog post: http://blog.getbootstrap.com/2017/01/06/bootstrap-4-alpha-6/

Are there plans for compatibility updates?

3 Answers
Bartłomiej Malanowski answered 10 months ago

I was tracking the progress with Alpha 6, so we’re already working on MDB 4.3.0 which will be compatible with Alpha 6

Leo Merkel Pro User answered 9 months ago

That’s good to know. Do you have a schedule for 4.3.0?

Bartłomiej Malanowski answered 9 months ago

Currently, we don’t have the exact date of the 4.3.0 release. I can confirm that 4.3.0 will be available in this month