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Bought wrong version.

MDB SupportCategory: MDB jQueryBought wrong version.
rmpietro Pro User asked 5 months ago in MDB pro, version:4

Good Afternoon. I bought a few hours ago the version Pro for Jquery but I did it wrong! What I wanted was the Angular 4 version. I just saw it now on the small selector on the right edge of the page. Is it possible to change that for me? I didn’t know there was a version for Angular and I was crafting the Jquery verion into an Angular project…Please, help me out… Best Regards, Rodrigo Mastropietro

Bartłomiej Malanowski replied 5 months ago

Please contact us using the contact form. Our team will help you Pro User replied 5 months ago

I am beginning to wonder what is happening here , this happened to me and some other people too. … thinking…….

1 Answers
rmpietro Pro User answered 5 months ago

I already got the version changed! Thanks guys! Pro User replied 5 months ago