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Can\'t build version 4.4.0 from sass-files

MDB SupportCategory: OtherCan\'t build version 4.4.0 from sass-files
brouzoulis Pro User asked 8 months ago in MDB pro, version:4


Downloaded the latest (pro) version but I can’t seem to build the css-file.

For starters, it gives me an error on line 84 in pro\_tabs.scss, where there is a missing semicolon after the include.

Then $white and $black seems to be missing from free\data\_colors.scss


Is it only me having these issues?

// Jim

Dawid Adach Pro User replied 8 months ago

Dear kpraturi, all packages are updated now. Please try again now.

kpraturi Pro User replied 8 months ago

Hi brouzoulis,

Please let me know how did you downloaded it. I cannot from my account/downloads. If I download, it is always 4.3.2 version.
Please provide link.


1 Answers
brouzoulis Pro User answered 7 months ago

Hi again,

I downloaded version 4.4.1 but I still can’t compile the sass files. The following command worked perfectly for version < 4.4 but now I  get:

sass --watch sass:sass
>>> Sass is watching for changes. Press Ctrl-C to stop.
 error sass/mdb/pro/_tabs.scss (Line 83: Invalid CSS after "...clude flexbox()": expected "}", was "white-space: no...")
boz Pro User replied 5 months ago

I got this error as well. There’s a missing semi-colon at the end of line 82 in _tabs.scss

Danny Vayron Pro User replied 6 months ago

We’re still waiting for a fix … :/

Bartłomiej Malanowski replied 7 months ago

I added this to our TODO list. This will be fixed in the next release