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Carousel Auto-Rotate Turns Back On When Slide Is Selected If Auto-Rotate is Off

MDB SupportCategory: MDB AngularCarousel Auto-Rotate Turns Back On When Slide Is Selected If Auto-Rotate is Off
athleticssoftware Pro User asked 1 week ago in MDB pro, version:4


We are using the Carousel and we noticed that if auto-rotate is paused / off and a user taps/selects a slide, auto-rotate is turned back on. This seems like a bug to us. If auto-rotate is off then it should stay off. How can we fix this?



1 Answers
Damian Gemza answered 1 week ago

Hello Christopher,

Could you tell me, what do you mean by saying auto-rotate? In my opinion, auto-rotate is this, that slides changes automatically without needs of any actions from user.

If i’m right, you have to change interval from 5000 to 0. You can find this variable in /free/carousel/carousel.config.ts . And if you change this Interval to 0, when users click an image, slide it in or out, there’s no automatically changing of picture.

Please let me know if that helped you.

Best Regards,


Damian Gemza replied 3 days ago

Hello Chris,
Of course, here you go:

athleticssoftware Pro User replied 3 days ago

Hi Damian, Can you send your e-mail address?

athleticssoftware Pro User replied 1 week ago

Hi Damian, You are correct on what auto-rotate means. We will give that a try and if it works I will close out this support request. Thanks for getting back to us so quickly!!!