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fellah Pro User asked 2 months ago in MDB pro, version:6.0.2


I found the bug. The carousel blocks scrolling the page on mobile views. It isn’t possible to move the page up or down, when you’re touching the carousel’s picture. Tested on Chrome’s mobile view and on iPhone. Let me know, when patch arrive.

fellah Pro User replied 2 months ago

Indeed, it helped. Thanks so much!

Damian Gemza replied 2 months ago

Dear fellah,
Could you try to config hammerjs in your project? It should help you. I’ve tried to reproduce your error on iPad, LG G3, Samsung Galaxy A5, and mobile view in Chromium / Firefox, but for me, everything is working fine.
Here’s link to hammerjs configuration:
Best Regards,

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leanpilar Pro User answered 7 days ago

I have the same issue but at Universal.

it says:

ERROR ReferenceError: Hammer is not defined

I try to:

import 'hammerjs'; // in main.ts

as found in some google solution but the same error.
the part in my component it works but after I import Hammer in app.modules.ts it stops working.

I follow the guide for mobile, is there a missing part I forgot to add?

Damian Gemza replied 5 days ago

And you’re having the error again? Could you please send me your project at It would help me t debug your case.
Best Regards,

leanpilar Pro User replied 6 days ago

I copy your code and have this in the webpack.server.config.js.
whitelist: [

Damian Gemza replied 6 days ago

Dear leanpilar,
Did you try to add hammerjs to webpack.config.js whitelist?
It’s described in our Angular Universal guide:
Best Regards,