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mdb2 Pro UserPremium asked 1 week ago in MDB pro, version:6.1.2


What is the best way to enter demo code that contains < inside a comment and to be able to submit it successfully ?

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Arkadiusz Idzikowski answered 7 days ago

Dear mdb2,

If you are asking about our forum, there is special preformatted style. If you want to use such code on your website you need to escape html characters.



mdb2 Pro User replied 4 days ago

Good to hear. This forum is no fun

Damian Gemza replied 5 days ago

Dear mdb2,
For comments, for now, there’s no possibility to use the preformatted styles for the code.
But actually we’re working on a new support forum where these problems won’t exist anymore, so just give us few more weeks.
Best Regards,

mdb2 Pro User replied 5 days ago

The question was about the forum
The preformatted style is for answers, not comments