Double Fixed Navigation not resizing properly

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rctoone Pro User asked 9 months ago in MDB pro, version:4.4

I am trying to create the double fixed navigation based on the code provided for the
Double Navigation with fixed SideNav & fixed Navbar

I have copied the code provided on the layout/navigation page for the link above. I put the html in my app.component.html. I am having issues when resizing the screen. Sometimes the side navigation is showing when it shouldn’t. Or when you go from small browser size to full screen the sidenav is no longer appearing. Is there a way to force the sidenav to always appear no matter the size of the screen? Also is the code snippet up on for the double navigation current for 4.4.0-dev?

rctoone Pro User replied 9 months ago

So this actually appears to be an issue with my installation of mdbootstrap i was reference the older typescript files that were causing the issue. I updated those found in the 4.3.7 zip and it fixed the issue. Sorry for the hassle.

Dawid Adach Pro User replied 9 months ago

Resizing issue was fixed in 4.3.7 please send me your project (without node_modules) to

rctoone Pro User replied 9 months ago

So i am using the download link for 4.3.7. the mdb.scss file in the zip has this version in the comments.
* Material Design for Bootstrap 4
* Version: MDB PRO 4.4.0-dev

Dawid Adach Pro User replied 9 months ago

Dear rctoone,
Could you please check whether the issue occurs in 4.3.7 version?

rctoone Pro User replied 9 months ago

So after doing some more testing it appears the sidenav is toggling every time a resize occurs. It doesn’t take the screen size into consideration. It just toggles displaying the sidenav every time a resize on the window occurs. The top navigation bar doesn’t do this and is working correctly. It only toggles to show the hamburger icon when the screen size is too small. I have made a google doc with some screen shots and my code highlighting this problem.

The interesting thing is that the preview on your site doesn’t have this problem. That is why i am asking if the preview on the site is using 4.4.0-dev? I just copied the code for the preview and did my own *ngFor. Let me know if there is something I am missing?

Maciej Szuchta replied 9 months ago

Hello Rctoone

Please tell me the moment when navigation is displayed but it shouldn’t?