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bobdempsey83 Pro User asked 3 months ago in MDB pro, version:4.5.0

Hey everyone,

I’m still having a little trouble with getting my footer element to stick to the bottom of the page. A good link to view this on is:

Is there a way outside of adding some padding to .container to get that footer element to naturally go to the bottom of the page. I do not want to have it fixed/static.

Thanks! 🙂

Bartłomiej Malanowski Pro UserPremium replied 3 months ago

Why did you put the footer to the ?

2 Answers
Ollie Vincent Pro User answered 3 months ago

If you don’t want to use postion:fixed; then you should try position:absolute;

Bartłomiej Malanowski Pro UserPremium answered 3 months ago

Try my solution for sticky content: – no fixed/static as you wanted 😉

bobdempsey83 Pro User replied 3 months ago

Hey thanks!