Full-calendar event not showing properly. How to fix?

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Dave Pro User asked 7 months ago in MDB pro, version:4.43


I’ve recently added full-calendar to my website and noticed that the events are not shown correctly. for example: if the event is from 7:00AM till 11:30AM it will not show the full event length. Instead the length of the event stops at the end of the event’s title. Resizing the event will not change the length (visually). Also, changing an individual event’s color property is not possible. However changing it for all of them works.

The code I used is from the calendar example of the MDB admin template (pro). I was confused that the events weren’t shown properly, so I checked the live preview of DMB the full-calendar and turns out its not working there either. However, if you see the example of “https://fullcalendar.io/” the events are shown properly. I think there’s something wrong with the CSS and Javascript

I look forward to a reply.

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Jakub Strebeyko answered 7 months ago

Hello Dave,

Please provide us with a demo code of erroneous behavior and an example of desired result.

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