Robert McIntosh pro asked 6 years ago

Hey, just thought I would suggest a few updates to your waves effect plugin. One would be to wrap it in a $(document).ready(function () { }); to help prevent errors when users include this in there head tag. The other change would be to add .navbar-light and .navbar-dark as options when doing Waves.attach so that your plugin will auto detect if it should use the light or darker waves effect.
$(document).ready(function () {
	Waves.attach('.btn, .btn-floating', ['waves-light']);
	Waves.attach('.waves-light', ['waves-light']);
	Waves.attach('.navbar.navbar-dark .navbar-nav a:not(.navbar-brand), .navbar.navbar-dark .nav-icons li a, .navbar.navbar-dark .navbar form, .nav-tabs .nav-item', ['waves-light']);
	Waves.attach('.navbar.navbar-light .navbar-nav a:not(.navbar-brand), .navbar.navbar-light .nav-icons li a, .navbar.navbar-light .navbar form', ['waves-effect']);
	Waves.attach('.pager li a', ['waves-light']);
	Waves.attach('.pagination .page-item .page-link', ['waves-effect']);
	Waves.init(); //Preloading script

Adrian Sawicki free answered 6 years ago

Hi Robert, Thanks for your suggestions. We will think about them. We really appreciate ideas from users. Regards, Adrian

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