stacey.cielia.lynn pro asked 7 years ago

Trying to load mdb with a module loader - in this case - systemjs, reports a strange error; Multiple defines for anonymous module This is pretty stop-ship. It is not possible to use script tags in our environment. It absolutely must come through the module loader, or the entire product is completely unusable. Is there anything that can be done about this?

Dawid Adach pro answered 7 years ago

Dear Stacey, I am afraid that this is tricky situation - we didn't use systemjs, which makes debugging quite difficult for us. As far as CommonJS is concerned, we are working on that in order to comply with CommonJS standards. Unfortunately, this is an ongoing process and I can't forecast when it will be finished. My apologise for inconvenience.

I'm using the Premium Version. I've already tried searching for answers, it's only a problem with modules that are not written to proper module standards. The library doesn't adhere to either AMD or CommonJS standard for module loading. Telling me to "google it" isn't really support.

Michal Szymanski staff answered 7 years ago

Hi, we didn't use MDB with SystemJS, but Google tells me it's pretty common error with systemjs. Search "Multiple defines for anonymous module systemjs" in your browser and you probably find a solution. Let me know if there is a problem on the side of MDB and I'll try to help you. PS: Do you use Free or Premium version?

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