Topic: I tried to make a fiddle using the MDBootstrap CDN urls but it does not work...

Muziekvoormeloenen Meloen pro asked 7 years ago

I tried to make a MDBootstrap fiddle ( ) but it does not work. I also tried a codepen (, same problem... Could you maybe tell me why it does not work? For example: I tried also very basic (just buttons) and css is not picked up it seems...


Dawid Adach pro answered 7 years ago

@Muziekvoormeloenen Meloen As per CDN issue, pleae check order of loading resources. Regardin license. You can use as they don't force any license. As far as codepen is concerned they require public pens to be licensed under MIT (by default they ammend this license to code).

Hi Michal, Thanks for your reaction. I don't intend to break your or any license. I am a PRO version user. I was using your reference to the CDN (so the FREE version) and het HTML that is already out in the open on this site itself. Would that be breaking your license when used in a fiddle and made public? FYI: as the fiddle/ codepen was not working I did not make it public anyway, but still would like to know your stance on licensing. Kind regards

Michal Szymanski staff answered 7 years ago

Hi, do you use MDB Free or Pro version? I also would like to mention, that our license doesn't let to publish our code as an open source. And everything what you post on codepen (and probably jsfiddle too) get an MIT license, which makes it open source.

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