mshallop pro asked 6 years ago

Question about using mdb 4.3.1 with jquery-validator: I'm getting this behavior: On form load: form load during ajax validation: ajax-validation and then on lose-focus: lost-focus How would I re-direct the javascript messages from jquery-validator so that, optimally, they appear below the input text as error-text instead of replacing the labels assigned to the form control? Less-optimally, to replace the label text? thanks! --mike

mshallop pro answered 6 years ago

ok -- I think I finally figured all this out... Thanks to matt2's issue of ensuring that the error-text label gets stretched out, I am now correctly displaying feedback according to the mdb style.
                if (res == "success") {
                    $('#username_label').attr('data-success', 'ok');
                } else {
                    $('#username_label').attr('data-error', 'username is taken');
Thanks for all the help! --mike

mshallop pro answered 6 years ago

Hi Edyta, Thank you for your response. If I understand you correctly, adding those params to the input field makes the validation checks the responsibility of mdb and not another library such as jquery-validator. However, there's going to be times when I require javascript validation. For example, to use an ajax request back to the server to see if a username or an email is already in use. In these cases, how do I push messages back, from the javascript event, so that they appear in their proper places in the mdb controls/labels/form? That's really the primary issue here. Thanks! --mike

Edyta Dabrowska free answered 6 years ago

Please first try adding for eg. minlength="6" maxlength="10" to your input field. In label, you can also specify error/success message you want to be shown. Let me know if you need further help. Regards,

mshallop pro answered 6 years ago

Morning, I spent some time studying this yesterday, including the demo in the doc. I feel I can offer a better problem description now. mdb pro 4.3.1 w/bootstrap jquery 3.1.1 jquery-validate 1.16.0 The form is a simple registration form - for sake of brevity, let's just limit the form to a text input box called username. My jquery-validator code looks like this:
    $('#register-form').validate ({
        // validation rules for registration form
        debug: true,
        errorClass: "active",
        rules: {
            name: {
                required: true,
                minlength: 5,
                maxlength: 20
        messages: {
            name: {
                required: "Please enter your full name",
                minlength: "A minimum of 5 characters is required for a username",
                maxlength: "No more than twenty characters allowed for a username"
        submitHandler: function(form){
The HTML for the form control:
                    <form id="register-form">
                        <div class="md-form">
                            <i class="fa fa-user prefix"></i>
                            <input type="text" id="username" name="username" class="form-control validate">
                            <label for="username" data-error="" data-success="ok">Username</label>
What's currently happening is that, when I enter a user name of a couple characters, the error text appears in the label above the input control, the input control under-line turns green, and a green "ok" appears in the label ::after the control. Should also point out that the error text isn't mine, or isn't what I've defined in the messages section in the above javascript: minlength: "A minimum of five characters is required" maxlength: "Please enter no more than 20 characters" I think that what I want to do in the javascript is replace the control class but I'm not javascript-savvy/experienced enough to derive this bit. Something like: $(element).addClass("invalid").removeClass("valid"); Where the element is the username form control. I'm not getting a lot out of the doc (components -> inputs -> error/success messages) as the examples are limited to classes email and password only. How does this css validation work for vanilla text input controls where you want to specify min/max length, for example? Hopefully this provides a much better description of the issue... thank you for the response and assistance! --mike

Edyta Dabrowska free answered 6 years ago

Hello, in order to help you, I need some more information. Please tell me which jQuery plugin are you using? It would also be useful if you could send me some of your code snippets. Regards,

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