Topic: Just switched to Pro from Free - buttons and links in navbar gone?

kikkert pro asked 6 years ago

I had a simple layout from one of your templates with a navbar and a few elements, looked fine with MDB Free. I just installed Pro, replacing the Free stuff, and the navbar contents vanished, only the vertical padding remains. As far as I can see none of the elements in the navbar have any height - it's indicated as "auto" in DevTools, and while the font-size all looks OK, the "auto" seems to be resolving to '0'. Chrome and Firefox agree. I'm baffled. It's here: Any ideas?

kikkert pro answered 6 years ago

Thanks - that sorted it!

Marta Wierzbicka staff answered 6 years ago

Hello, in MDB Pro 4.3.0 we have new navbars, so please, look at documentation: and just copy the code of non-fixed navbar (this is like your navbar in free version) and it will work correctly. If you want fix pagination and center, add class .flex-center to <ul class="pagination">, remove class .row from <nav> tag and in <nav tag add the other classes if you want increase padding: .pt-1 and .pb-1 If you want increase margin on the bottom, add class .mb-2 to <div class="container"> Best, Marta

kikkert pro answered 6 years ago

To sanity check, I went back and took a copy of your freebie template verbatim, and made a "pro" and "free" version. The only difference is the path to the unpacked MDB distribution in each case. Somehow the elements in the top nav have no height in the Pro version??

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