Topic: MDBootstrap : integration with Browserify

GIRAUD pro asked 5 years ago

Hello, I’m a new (and happy) MDBootstrap user :-). However I currently have a problem concerning MDB integration with Browserify, and I didn’t find any answers in the forums. I’d like to use Browserify to include mdb in my app (JQuery/Bootstrap/MDB). Here is my code : $ = jQuery = require('jquery'); Tether = require('tether'); bootstrap = require('bootstrap'); require('mdbootstrap'); I get the following error message : Uncaught ReferenceError: Waves is not defined Problem seems to occur during Waves initialization : Waves.attach('.btn, .btn-floating', ['waves-light']); Waves.attach('.waves-light', ['waves-light']); Waves.attach('.navbar-nav a:not(.navbar-brand), .nav-icons li a, .navbar form, .nav-tabs .nav-item', ['waves-light']); Waves.attach('.pager li a', ['waves-light']); Waves.attach('.pagination .page-item .page-link', ['waves-effect']); Waves.init();/* FORMS */ What is the best way to handle this ? Best regards, Jérôme

Mirosław Stasiak free answered 5 years ago

Hi Jérôme, This is a problem when using Browserify Comment the following code lines in mdb.js. It should be good now. Waves.attach(‘.btn, .btn-floating’, [‘waves-light’]); Waves.attach(‘.waves-light’, [‘waves-light’]); Waves.attach(‘.navbar-nav a:not(.navbar-brand), .nav-icons li a, .navbar form, .nav-tabs .nav-item’, [‘waves-light’]); Waves.attach(‘.pager li a’, [‘waves-light’]); Waves.attach(‘.pagination .page-item .page-link’, [‘waves-effect’]); Waves.init();/* FORMS */ Regards

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