webdecoder pro asked 6 years ago

On a mobile phone while in a voice call and connected to Wifi, a youtube video will not play. The video appears to start but quickly stops. When I disconnect the voice call, the video will play. I have verified this on the MDB site in the CSS-Media section where the video is located.

Rafał Rogulski free answered 6 years ago

It's normal. All mobile phones block other sound source when u have phone call (even videos). They also block auto play, that why video is quickly stops when you disconnect from your phone call.

webdecoder pro answered 6 years ago

When I am on a phone call speaking with someone and I am connected to WIFI (my mobile plan does not allow me to be on a call and access the LTE data network), dnd I try and play a video using the code snippets i the doc section for MDB, the video attempts to start playing but quickly ends. If I disconnect my phone call and go to the video it plays. Very weird. Just go to your MDB docs section and try and play the video of the two girls while you are on wifi and on a phone call.

Rafał Rogulski free answered 6 years ago

Can you describe more precisely your case?

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