Daniel pro asked 6 years ago

1. Are you planning to switch to FORT awesome in future? https://fortawesome.com/?utm_source=font_awesome_navbar&utm_medium=display&utm_content=ad_1_next_level&utm_campaign=promo_5.0_update 2. Didn't you actually provide Material Design Icons (Google) in past? In the CSS > Icons menu I see only Fontawesome but I'm quiet sure Material Design Icons where there too? 3. I see the pricing changed. Me as a early paid member - do I have access to MDB4 for countless sites or is it limited now?

Dawid Adach pro answered 6 years ago

Dear @morpheusco My apologies for your inconvenience. Documentation for MDB3 is available here: http://mdbootstrap.com/mdb3/. You can also find the link to this section in our side nav menu under MDB3 Docs position. We will also enhance versioning.

morpheusco pro answered 6 years ago

Estoy bastante defraudado. Hace sólo mes y medio que compré esta solución, aún estamos aprendiendo a usarla (la documentación está cruda aún) y ya salió la 4 con la sorpresa de que no tengo acceso a ella - por haberla comprado un mes antes. Pagué 200 US $ - que no es poco para un freelancer que ha confiado en ustedes. Ahora me dicen que debo sacar 100 más para usar la 4. Tengo claro lo que compré y a lo que tengo derecho, pero es muy triste ver esta forma de negocio. No soy el que lo baja gratis y ya, no sólo pagué la básica, pagué la más costosa y creo que deberíamos tener acceso a la 4 de manera automática. Como digo, ahora mismo estoy terminando de conocer la 3 y la documentación ahora apunta a la 4 -> nisiquiera es fácil entender qué sirve para cada una, está todo mezclado en el mismo sitio web y esto aumenta la frustración - ver que el ejemplo del sitio web ni siquiera funciona. No les pido que me devuelvan el dinero, ya les pagué de manera consciente y decidí apoyarlos con todo, pero si no me dan acceso a la versión 4 - que es lo que deberíamos poder hacer a los que pagamos los 200, que espero que sean muchos - pues por lo menos que la documentación (videos, textos, links, clases ,etc) se mantengan al aire y sea fácilmente accesible, sin tener que estar probando para saber si es una versión u otra. Señores, hacemos de la web un negocio, pero prácticas como esta si hacen que se pierda el norte. Saludos desde Colombia. ==================================Versión inglés con Google I'm pretty disappointed. only month and a half I bought this solution, we are still learning to use it makes (the documentation is still raw) and it came out the 4 with the surprise that I have access to it - for having bought a month earlier. I paid US $ 200 - which is not bad for a freelancer who has trusted you. Now they tell me 100 more that I get to use 4 version. I am clear what I bought and what I have right, but it is very sad to see this form of business. I'm not that what free and low and not only paid the basic, I paid the most expensive and I think we should have access to 4 automatically - my mistake i know. As I say, right now I'm finishing to meet the 3 and the documentation now points to the 4 -> is not even easy to understand what is for each, are all mixed in the same website and this increases the frustration - see the example of website does not even work. Not ask them to give me back the money, I paid them consciously and decided to support them with everything, but if you do not give me access to version 4 - that is what we should be able to do that we pay 200, which I hope are many - for at least the documentation (videos, texts, links, classes, etc.) remain in the air and is easily accessible without having to try to find out if one version or another. Gentlemen, we make the web a business, but practices like this if they miss the north. Greetings from Colombia.

Dawid Adach pro answered 6 years ago

@iskandarplease contact us at contact@mdbootstrap.com @simon1.hamptonComparison to OS X is unfair. We both know that Apple give it totally for free because they are marking profit by selling devices. We do not sell devices therefore, comparison to Windows is more accurate ase be are both selling software. And in that case we are same, Windows 8 is so much different from 7 that it treated as separate product, and so do MDB4 in compare to MDB3.All bugs will be fixed in next release (somewhere next week).@Daniel As I mentioned before, MDB will be continued. We will still maintain and support it. All request will be handled with proper priority. Currently, we do not plan to discontinue MDB3. If I would have to provide some estimates probably it will happened either when Bootstrap 3 will be discontinued or all our customers will migrate to MDB4.

Daniel pro answered 6 years ago

my questions are cleared, and I suggest other "buyers", as a life advice, to first ask and then decide, even if things seem clear. This is the usual process when investing money in something and MDB developers have not to be blamed for our misunderstandings or assumptions. One last doubt: MDB3 will be continued or discontinued at some point in development? Or will it ONLY be discontinued if BS3 is fully discontinued?

simon1.hampton pro answered 6 years ago

David, you have made my point for me. OSX may have bugs, but I get updates each year to remain at the cutting edge of both security and features. That's what I expected from purchasing the multi-use MDBootstrap, and trust you will provide your loyal supporters to date with the same care as OSX does. If I switched to Windows (equivalent to switching to Foundation as you describe), then I would indeed be buying something new. And yes there are outstanding issues: Link 1 Link2

Iskandar pro answered 6 years ago

I want to refund too!

Dawid Adach pro answered 6 years ago

@bilil We are always open for a feedback. We will make sure that for every new Component / UI KIT/ Template license/upgrade terms will be clear and transparent. However, I hope that you understand that Bootstrap 4 is a separate platform. The sam way as Bootstrap 3 is considered as brand new release and not only new version of Bootstrap 2 (i.e. Bootstrap 2.3.4). It's the same as it is with Microsoft Windows, once customer buy Windows XP license he gets access to all updates within the scope of OS. Windows 7, although is also "Windows", has a separate license, pricing and updates and that is how MDB should be considered. @simon1.hampton It's easy to write something without any proofs. MDB is a software and as all kind of software, it has bugs. Even as mature and large project like Apple OSx although are 14 years old still have some new updates due to new bugs. However, if you consider number of new bugs spotted within MDB I can state with full responsibility that it is a mature and stable product. If you think differently, please provide us more information about bugs which in your opinion confirm your statement. Regarding your last question, MDB3 is based on Bootstrap 3 and includes all future updates for this platform (we are about to release new version next week), MDB4 is based on Bootstrap 4 and includes all updates for Bootstrap 4. If tomorrow we will release Material Design for Foundation that will be also separate product and not update to MDB4 nor MDB3, I hope that's clear.

simon1.hampton pro answered 6 years ago

This is a terrible cheat. MDBootstrap is not a 'mature' product - it has lots of bugs that are discussed everyday on these forums. I bought a license to get code that was updated professionally, but instead all the work I paid for was going into a product I am now told I have no right too receive. Please rethink this decision - I will not repurchase your product as I have no idea what I am paying for

bilil pro answered 6 years ago

I agree with syphonpc, it was not really clear that we'll have to pay for the new version. I had the feeling that I had to pay once to have access to the new versions of MDB (no matter if it's MDB3 ,MDB4 , MDB999, etc). I'm a little bit disappointed. I think that you have to be more clear about that point in the future...

Dawid Adach pro answered 6 years ago

@syphonpc First of all do not swear otherwise, I will have to delete your comments. We were informing all MDB users that we are working on new MDB4 on social media, our homepage and newsletters. Many of our customers decided to wait with purchase until MDB4 will be released. In regards to the refund, send us an email contact@mdbootstrap.com.

syphonpc pro answered 6 years ago

I would like a refund. Why on fcks earth would I have purchased MDB3 knowing 4 will be out. I was under the impression that PAID members need only pay once. NO WHERE was any of this made clear. Please refund my money thank you.

Dawid Adach pro answered 6 years ago

@sldillon , @syphonpc MDB3 is based on Bootstrap 3, new Bootstrap 4 is so much different from version 3 that is not backward compatible (more info here: http://v4-alpha.getbootstrap.com/migration/). Therefore, MDB3 and MDB4 are separate products and not update (applying new MDB4 css/js on old MDB3 project won't work). Please consider that MDB3 is mature and reliable product which is used by hundreds of customers all around the world. For those who's projects are based on Bootstrap 3 , is still recommended to use MDB3. On the other hand, MDB4 has many new features, components and enhancements that we recommend it for all users who are not obligated to stick with Bootstrap 3. For all MDB3 users willing to get coupon code, please contact us at contact@mdbootstrap.com.

syphonpc pro answered 6 years ago

Is MDB 4 not free? SO I bought MDB under false pretenses that MDB4 would be included for paying members?? I hope this is not the case, bloody hell.

sldillon pro answered 6 years ago

Sorry about the rant I think it was very unclear that 4.0 would not be covered so I spent 69.00 for nothing really as I wont develop backwards. I will use the 50% off code and get 4.0 though because I love the product. In the end it is still a real good deal. Thanks, Steve

sldillon pro answered 6 years ago

Please refund my MY MD 3.4 I bought it knowing the 4.0 was coming out and thought it would be an upgrade. Why would I want an older version for two days? I actually downloaded 4.0 as it was in my account now I see its gone. This is very upsetting. Even with a 50% discount I am paying more. Of course there is not even a way on the site to get a discount.

ppulfer pro answered 6 years ago

Where would that 50% discount option be presented for MDB3 users?

Michal Szymanski staff answered 6 years ago

1. I see it first time. We'll take a look at it, thanks. 2. Yes, we resigned from Google Icons, because: - they do not provide social icons - we didn't want to increase a linked dependencies within the project - font awesome seems to satisfy all the needs 3. You have an access to unlimited updates. But MDB4 is not an update - it's a new product with completely new code. So: - if you are user of MDB3 - you have a free access to all the future updates of MDB3 (the closest should be next week) - if you are user of MDB4 - you have a free access to all the future updates of MDB4 Note: If you want to upgrade from MDB3 to MDB4 you can use a discount 50%.

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