Topic: Oops! It's all gone 'pear-shaped'

alt8pdep free asked 6 years ago

Happily and very successfully ploughing my way through the excellent tutorials all last week then, bang - along comes MDB 4 and it's all gone wrong. So since there apparently were such big changes in v4 no matter, re-start the whole thing from the beginning using a completely fresh installation, new files and new tutorials. Absolute mess - nothing in the right place and if this was my first introduction to the software I'd have run a mile immediately. Fortunately it is not and I'm well aware of how well MDB 3 could work. But what to do now? Where might it be going wrong and what can I do to correct it, please. All comments, suggestions and sympathy gratefully received - thank you :) BTW: Using OS X El Capitan, Chrome - all latest versions. Best wishes, Peter Tuesday - 13:43h. 17-May-2016

alt8pdep free answered 6 years ago

Many thanks - quite understandable. I will check out the new stuff. Best wishes, Peter Saturday - 12:36h. 21-May-2016

Michal Szymanski staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Peter, this week we were migrating from MDB3 to MDB4 and it was a big operation for us. Some things could not work as they should for a few days (for example - tutorials). RIght now we've adjusted tutorials to MDB4 and everything works fine . I'm sorry for confusion, but I'm sure you will love new MDB4, new Bootstrap 4 and new tutorials. Best Regards

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