Topic: Please bring back the "modules" folder for MDB4

matthias_deox pro asked 6 years ago

I bet nobody is using ALL features of MDB4 and even the mdb.min.js weights 234kb which is HUGE imo, I don't want to build websites with Megabytes of dependencies. I liked about MDB3 that the js folder had the modules folder and from there I could combine only the functions I needed resulting in a much smaller js file. Please bring that back to MDB4. I know I could do copy and past on the non minified version but that's a bit of a hacky solution, the one with the files was much better. Kind Regards

Michal Szymanski staff answered 6 years ago

There isn't any dedicated package for ember, I'm sorry.

Derick Matamoros free answered 6 years ago

Regarding ember is there a repo/add-on that has the components built out?

nauderuan free answered 6 years ago


Michal Szymanski staff answered 6 years ago

It will be available from the next version of MDB. Probably next week. Thanks for your patience.

nfrias free answered 6 years ago

I second this request. Please provide the separate modules so we can pick and choose what we want to include. Many thanks

nauderuan free answered 6 years ago

We would also like to have the modules in the current and all upcoming MDB4 versions. Not only does it make integration into our Ember app a breeze and keep files to a min size it also make modifying components where needed easy but more importantly makes managing those with updates easy since we can just diff compare our modifies version with the new release versions. Only having one big js file makes that we cant use MDB the way we are currently and would also make managing our changes and upcoming versions a nightmare

matthias_deox pro answered 6 years ago

Hello Michal, I just sent the email and I can fully understand your situation and how frustrating supporting such incident can be. Maybe you should zip the folder again so the module files can't just be copied without having to unzip them again or you could implement some opt-in for the module files. Generally I could agree that with devices getting more and more compute power, internet becoming faster and faster, it can be negligible to look at file size. Since more and more users for a website tend to be mobile and on mobile internet with possible speed and traffic limitations I want my websites to be as small and fast as possible.

Michal Szymanski staff answered 6 years ago

We resigned from attaching js modules to the package, because they were causing a lot of confusion to our users ( many of them link it within the project and asks us about dependencies). After your dramatic post I will consider it again. Write me on . I'll send you js modules as soon as possible to solve your problem immediately. Best Regards

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