leopoldus11 pro asked 6 years ago

Hi everybody, I want to do things that I obviously can't do with the way the MDB-Navbar when it is collapsed. Info to navbar: I have a navbar with a navbar-brand, four nav-items (sections) in an unordered list (ul) and three nav-items in an ul that have the class "nav-flex-icons" (icons for facebook...). When navbar collapsed, I want my navbar to display: 1. I'd like the navbar-brand (logo or text) to be visible together with the "hamburger" (navbar-brand left, hamburger right) and not in the collapsed navbar. 2. I want the nav-items to be centered. 3. I want the nav-flex-icons to be centered as well For clarification see this Example template: https://mdbootstrap.com/live/_MDB/templates/Portfolio/minimalistic-portfolio.html Best Leo

Marta Wierzbicka staff answered 6 years ago

Hello, In the coming days tomorrow, wednesday or thursday all templates will be updated to new version of MDB 4.3.0., so the problem with navbar-brand also will be fixed and this solution I wrote you before, will work also in templates. But now you can also center items and icons in navbar in your portfolio in the way as I wrote you before. Best, Marta

leopoldus11 pro answered 6 years ago

Hi, does this way also work for the Templates in the Portfolio Template Package I bought a couple of days ago? For example this one: Legal Template Best Leo

Marta Wierzbicka staff answered 6 years ago

Hello, 1. This problem is fixed in new version MDB 4.3.0, look at documentation: https://mdbootstrap.com/components/navbar/, we alse fix this in all our templates soon. 2. add .flex-center to .nav-item 3. in CSS add to .nav-flex-icons justify-content: center; Best, Marta

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