Topic: Several bugs with iOS browsers and Firefox (Win and Android)

tominski pro asked 7 years ago

My linux system runs well. But then I started to test at others systems. And here are my observations testing your own homepage: 1. The FF at win7 does not render the roboto font well. It is very thin and in rough resolution. I only can change this behavior by forbidding the browser to load the fonts from the external source (and clearing the cache). Chrome and IE11 run very well. 2. With Android 5.x FF and chrome work fine. With Andoid 4.1.2 chrome also works fine, but not so FF. At your homepage the main navbar you only can see when scrolling the page. The sidenav links with sub links do not work reliable. Selecting by touch do not work reliable. The same happens at the demo page. 3. With iOS 9.1 the chrome browser crashes totally when loading the page with all elements of mdb. There is also a problem with the dropdown menu arrow. It diappears after touching. The safari browser does not show the dropdown menu arrows at all. I am absolutly surprised about such a lot of bugs with the mobile systems. Especially the iOS iPad I only use to test software. It is nearly clean.

Michal Szymanski staff answered 7 years ago

Hello again, please send me your screenshots via email Once again thanks a lot ;)

tominski pro answered 7 years ago

Hi, first feeback to your posting: You're right. I have tested on my ESXi vm with win7, then the described bug exists, but when I test it on my win7 hardware system, FF is ok also... All the other observations I have described are from real hardware. For FF on Android 4.1.2 I can explain a liitle more that the fixed navbar/sidebar composition of mdb at your homepage is a little bit incompatible with the the navbar of the browser. I can give you some screenshots of that observation. How can send it to you?

Michal Szymanski staff answered 7 years ago

Hello, could you provide us a few screen of that bugs? I started to fix a fonts, but on my Firefox it looks exactly the same as on Chrome.

tominski pro answered 7 years ago

Just an edit: One sentence in my first posting is unclear: I do not mean the normal drop menu, but the dropdown nav element.

tominski pro answered 7 years ago

Hi Michal, nice to hear from you at the same day. I'll check the the fixes as soon as they are available.

Michal Szymanski staff answered 7 years ago

Thank you very much for information. It should be fixed tomorrow.

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