Topic: Switches - Anchor || Caret - Anchor in MDB3 Pro

adlib pro asked 6 years ago

Hello, guys! First of all, great thanks for Your enormous work with the MDB 4. In SWITCH class: Is there a way to toggle different web page of the website? And about CARET class: What actually is the script if I want when pressing the Caret Icon to be opened the dropdown collapsable menu. It should be separate anchor from the Title for the drop-down menu, which should opens the entire web page? Thanks!
      <input type="checkbox">
      <span class="lever"></span>

TITLE  <span class="caret"></span>

adlib pro answered 6 years ago

Hi, I'm sorry for the late answer, I thought, that I was subscribed for the topic. I'm using MDB3 Pro. Let's imagine a side menu. For example, the side menu of Your web site. There is a collapsible button called "JavaScript" and on the right side of the title "JavaScript", there is a caret icon. Well, I mean the following: On the same line there are two objects, namely the button title and the caret icon. I would like to connect these two objects with different links e.g. when I press the title (in our case that is "JavaScript") - to be redirected to the web page called JavasScript. But when I press "the caret icon" - the dropdown menu to be opened. So the "collapsible-header" to be active just for the "caret". Thanks in advance!

Michal Szymanski staff answered 6 years ago

Hi, thank you for appreciating. About your questions - could you please be more specific? I don't really understand what do you mean. BTW - in the tittle you wrote "MDB3" and in the post you mention MDB4. So what version do you use?

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