Topic: Table Checkbox Select all funcionality

robert.skibbe pro asked 6 years ago

Hello, im currently trying to build a very common function. I have a table, in the theader, i placed a Checkbox like mentioned here:
<fieldset class="form-group">
                    <input type="checkbox" id="checkbox1">
                    <label for="checkbox1"></label>
I want, that the other Checkboxes from the table-rows (content) get ticked/unticked when clicking on this "select/unselect all"-checkbox. Problem/Question 1: Right now im working with a workaround, so i toggle the click event for all tablerows via jquery, but this isnt the best solution. Is there something different i can use to toggle the checkboxes via code? Problem Question 2: I also got the Problem, that my Content overflows with using the CheckBoxes, yeah, i noticed this:
@-moz-document url-prefix() {
  fieldset { display: table-cell; }
I tried to put this into my css, but no change. Can somebody help? Regards!

Marta Wierzbicka staff answered 6 years ago

Could you send here some demo or screen and say more details, because now I can't recreate your problem.

robert.skibbe pro answered 6 years ago

I just figured out problem #1 myself. For sure i can set the property "checked" with jquery.. Damn.. 2. Problem still exists.

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