Topic: Using mdb autocomplete with jquery autocomplete

prashant558908 pro asked 6 years ago

Hi, Some where it was mentioned that "MDB is based on jQuery, so we can use jquery autocomplete plugin " . Now suppose whenever autocomplete get focus, I want to fire the search event as mentioned here: I am trying something like this : var states = [ "Alabana", "Alaska", "Arizona", "Arkansas", "California"] $('#state_autocomplete').mdb_autocomplete({ data: states, minLength: 0, delay: 0 }); $('#state_autocomplete').on('focus', function() { console.log(" mouse inside autocomplete"); // this line executes fine $( "#state_autocomplete" ).autocomplete( "search", "" ); // this gives error }) but its giving error: Uncaught TypeError: $(...).autocomplete is not a function Can someone help me how can I use the above event and also other functionalities from jquery autocomplete

Edyta Dabrowska free answered 6 years ago

Hello, currently our autocomplete doesn't have search and other jQuery methods. We will consider this in the future. Best regards,

eydun pro commented 5 years ago

Any news on autocomplete in MDB?

lawrence tang pro commented 4 years ago

so have you consider this yet ? i had purchased version jQuery Pro but i still don't get this autocomplete to work properly. it is just dummy UI display only .. where is AJAX result ? and on SELECT event ?

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