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How can I create a Toggle Button which jumps to the recently opened div?

MDB SupportCategory: MDB AngularHow can I create a Toggle Button which jumps to the recently opened div?
salman1793 Pro User asked 1 week ago in MDB pro, version:4


Thank you for reading this. I am trying to create an anchor tag which acts as a toggle button. The functionality is to jump to the recently opened div, after the user clicked on the toggle button.

I am not able to comprehend the documentation ( which says:
Be sure to add aria-expanded to the control ….
I believe the answer is hidden in the above-mentioned paragraph. I request you to please guide me in the right direction.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Salman Mujtaba


Dawid Adach Pro User replied 5 days ago

Could you please attach some code?

salman1793 Pro User replied 1 week ago

I have another question regarding the toggle button. The media queries do not seem to work when I try and display a complex section below the toggle button.
Basically, I have a carousel of cards. The cards have toggle buttons. The section (details) to be toggled id to be displayed below the carousel.
Below the Carousel is a Contact section.

Currently, the details section is overlapping with the contacts section.
It works fine if I simply display the details section (no toggle button). Example:

Carousel cards

But this acts crooked:

Carousel cards

The problem is, when I simply append the

1 Answers
salman1793 Pro User answered 5 days ago

Hi Dawid,

Thank you for your reply. I found out that the carousel display just displays the first card of every set of cards. In that case, I might not need the toggle button at all.

This brings up another question though, can the carousel show all the cards on a smaller device?

I have, yet another question. I am using the parallax intro, and I have an author box below it. Without the full-height class in html, the author box lines up perfectly beneath the intro. But, with class=”full-height” the author box, in smaller devices, overlaps with the intro. There is something which needs to be changed in the media queries I guess. I don’t know what though, ’cause the sample code of parallax intro website works fine on a mobile.

Another problem that I am facing related to the above scenario is that my intro page’s background image is not working on iPhone (Safari, Chrome) for some reason. It might be a problem in Safari idk. But, when I view it on an Android device, it looks good enough. Please have a look:

Please share your email so that I can share the code with you. Thanks.


Dawid Adach Pro User replied 3 days ago

Dear salman1793, curently multi item carousel is showin only first slide , there is an idea to customize this behaviour however now this is expected otuput. Regarding second quesion – could you please attach some code sample? My email is