How do i use the ecommerce template with visual studio

MDB SupportCategory: General Bootstrap questionsHow do i use the ecommerce template with visual studio
Kay Pro User asked 3 months ago in MDB pro, version:4

Hi there have bought the ecommerce template pack …Just a bit confused as to what is what.How do I incorporate it into my visual studio MVC (bootstrap) application ?

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Jakub Strebeyko answered 3 months ago

Hi there Kay,

Welcome to the Support Board! The E-commerce Template pack provides you with some ready-to-be-used interface solutions for an online shop. In MVC (model-view-controller), E-Commerce Template Pack would get your “V” off the ground, guiding layout decisions. With this, what is left to do is to wire it up with your content & logic. How you do it depends strongly on your tech-stack and how you develop your App – in general, to become fully “alive”, the purchased HTML requires something to dynamic render stuff within from the server.

With Best Regards,